Being Social on Twitter

Many people ask me about social media because it is my field and they are fascinated. This maybe because I’m not a millennial. Far from it!! I got into social in order to help and support a friend’s business and quickly became hooked. Then I started working in the field. Even though I’m older, I love it. It is great to stay up-to-date with news, events, views, trends and let’s be honest, gossip. Twitter is my favourite because it is so immediate and time based.

So, if you want to get started on Twitter the best thing to do is search for your interests and follow the influencers in that field. Influencers are usually experts with a great following and a sensible place to start.

When you have discovered the relevant people/companies then have a look at their followers and follow them. Do lots of tweets using your knowledge and try to make them relevant and interesting. You may also be able to find meetings, publications and websites from this information.

Either do this by using a # or simply put the subject in the Twitter search engine. Although, this seems simple you will be surprised how many people lose interest, before they even start Twitter, because they don’t understand it. Myself included.

At least now Twitter suggests followers to help you get started. When I first used it, I gave up and only used it again to help promote a business a year later.

Retweets will send out the tweet to all of your followers thus promoting the tweet, far and wide. The Heart means you like the tweet and you can find a list of your likes on your profile, so it is useful, if you want to refer back to the tweet. It used to be called favourites.

The best way is to learn about social is start using it and then you learn. This is the best way to learn most things, isn’t it?

More social tips coming soon plus a post on how I think Twitter can improve.


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Now on Facebook

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Social promoting social

So how does social media promote social media? The most obvious idea is using other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Promote a blog, article or platform by ingratiating yourself with other users. Post a variety of shares on your page and other platforms will discover your information. Give comments and feedback. Show variety and post content that may interest others. Break news, give tips, memories or ask a question and be topical or historical.

Any new platform, Ideapod for example, could encourage interested parties to post Ideapod matters on their social media feeds and this will promote the site and encourage new readers and ideas. Of course it never easy but it always good to share ideas…


Hearts on Twitter? No, stay unique…

The tide has turned from Facebook copying Twitter towards the other way around. Today, we have hearts or “likes” on Twitter instead of favourites.
This is a shame because it is one of the reasons I liked Twitter. With the fast timeline it is prudent to bookmark stuff that concerns the user. Now you have to “like” the tweet. Maybe Twitter should have both like and favourite buttons? With Twitter we are losing the facility to save noteworthy, but not necessarily liked, material. Ideapod is different because it is relevant to like, comment and connect ideas and this works extremely well.
Whatever Ideapod does, it is important the platform stays unique and not get tangled up with the mainstream social media popularity contest that has become mostly a business model rather than a place to locate new information.
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Are we really addicted to the internet?

Recently, I watched a video about internet addiction, which made me question whether we are addicted.
The Internet has revolutionised how we work and play. It is a central point for an unprecedented accumulation of information. Collaboration and interaction between local or worldwide communities manifests a space where we are now able to write, read, learn, watch television, do puzzles, business and connect with friends, etc. Overall, the internet has replaced where and how we conduct our work and down time. Social media sites such as Ideapod enable knowledge dissemination so we become interested in not only new subjects, but write, research and debate about them too.
Therefore, we are not necessarily addicted, but need to enjoy life outside the internet arena. There is room for both. Perhaps it is a case of being resourceful with time? What do you think? Turn off your phone/computer/notifications for a set period? Have a tech free day? Now there’s a challenge!